Connect, Manage and Protect your Remote Workforce

To meet the requirements of a remote workforce, Enterprise Mobile Device Management needs to be more than just maximising your Apple fleet.

Secure connection, automation and protection compliance for all work devices is more important than ever.

Connect anywhere in the world

When the pandemic forced many offices to become virtual in 2020, workplaces worldwide made adjustments to make a success of the new normal. As working from home proved to be a success in many instances, companies can no longer say it isn’t possible to work remotely.

With help from Jamf and Apple, HSBC has already enabled their workforce to work remotely with a Mac as their primary work computer. Some countries have even launched programs encouraging employees to live and work abroad to boost their economies due to the drop in tourism.

Now businesses worldwide are having to look at the best way to connect, protect and manage a remote workforce. Jamf Connect streamlines identity management, giving you the opportunity to authenticate your macOS devices from anywhere in the world.

The login, verify and notify aspects of Connect means that it can make changes for you, notify you of updates in real-time and provide you with an excellent user experience.

Protect your remote team

Malware increased by 358% in 2020, as cyber criminals took advantage of people working on vulnerable devices at home. A year on from the start of the pandemic, people know they need to have proper protection in place to protect their organisation and their staff. Many workplaces are also making a shift to the ‘paperless office’, which means making your online environment secure is an absolute priority.

Jamf Protect will safeguard your team’s devices and ensure they are fully protected from threats. Together with Jamf Pro, your Apple estate will be secured so that any impending breach will be prevented. Threats can be displayed in real-time or devices can be locked down completely.

DARE with Jamf make sure all of your Apple devices are compliant to the required industry standard, including ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials.

Manage your team and make onboarding new employees simple

DARE help manage and streamline your workflows using Jamf Pro, enterprise level device management. Devices can be centrally deployed to anywhere in the world, again making it the perfect solution for the remote worker.

Remote onboarding couldn’t be easier as our fully trained Jamf integrators will take you through training and get you up and running. A DARE Complete 30 day onboarding package is also available.

Jamf Pro customers report an 80% reduction time spent in provisioning and a further 65% in managing settings and policy changes. Let DARE take care of all that for you!

What happens next?

While no one knows exactly how the next year will unfold, we do believe that the new blended and remote working models are here to stay.

Now is the time to make sure your team is equipped with secure managed devices fit for a modern, collaborative workforce.

If you are looking to deploy apple devices or want to optimise your current apple fleet, please get in touch with to discuss the options to connect, manage and protect your team and data.

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