Apple Device Management and Security


Banked is re-imagining mainstream payment methods and the current infrastructure facilitating digital payments around the world. Our goal is to deliver a fairer, faster and highly secure payment network to merchants and consumers. They focus on improving legacy experiences, reducing costs and providing operational efficiencies through strategic partnerships with tier 1 banks, payment providers, gateways and tech platforms.

The Challenge

Securing Apple devices in the fintech sector presents a multifaceted challenge. Firstly, the proliferation of Apple in the workplace creates a diverse and potentially vulnerable ecosystem. Ensuring consistent security across various device models, operating systems, and versions is a daunting task, especially for a growing IT team.

Secondly, the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats demands continuous vigilance. Fintech companies handle sensitive financial data, making them prime targets for hackers. Staying ahead of these threats on Apple devices requires robust endpoint security solutions, regular updates, and employee training to recognise and thwart attacks.

Finally, balancing security with user experience is a constant struggle. Tightening security measures can hinder user experience, impacting productivity and customer satisfaction. Striking the right balance between security and usability is an ongoing challenge for fintech firms operating on Apple devices.

The Solution

Selecting Jamf emerged as the definitive solution for this situation. With just one comprehensive Jamf User Business License, Banked gained instant access to a suite of powerful tools, including Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect, and Jamf Protect. This encompassed an array of critical functions, such as Device Management, Zero-Touch Deployment, App Whitelisting, Remote Wipe/Lock, Encryption, IdP Authentication, Endpoint Protection, and more—all seamlessly consolidated under a single procurement.

Moreover, to streamline application patching, Banked opted for our Patch Management service, harnessing our tailor-made Zappl solution. This automation ensures the daily monitoring, reporting, and patching of over 500 third-party applications, bolstering security and efficiency at Banked.

“Zappl is the easiest, and most user-friendly, application patching solution on the market. As a regulated business it’s crucial for Banked: to stay compliant with 3rd party updates and makes achieving certifications like SOC 2 much more manageable. The integration with Jamf Self Service empowers our end users to install new company-approved apps in one click."

IT Engineer at Banked