Apple Device Management and Security

EXI Life

EXI makes prescribing exercise accessible, combining decades of scientific knowledge with pioneering technology to create the future of AI-powered healthcare. Exi provides an intelligent platform that allows healthcare and fitness professionals to create tailored programs in a way that’s easy, effective, and scalable. By layering on sophisticated motivational systems, rewards and incentives, this can achieve lasting behavioural change for all, including the people who need it the most.

The Challenge 

Exi sought a versatile Apple management solution capable of accommodating their business’s growth. They needed comprehensive oversight and control across their entire Apple ecosystem, encompassing zero-touch deployment, fine-grained device management, and robust user protection against contemporary threats in a hybrid work setting. Prioritising an exceptional end-user experience for their teams,

Exi also aimed to secure ISO 27001 certification for their IT infrastructure, guaranteeing data protection and industry compliance. Furthermore, they sought a solution that could deliver ongoing support and maintenance for their entire Jamf and Apple environment.

The Solution 

Henry Whicheloe, Head of Enterprise Sales, engaged with DARE in conjunction with two alternative Jamf partners to address these requirements. Through initial consultation sessions, DARE meticulously identified specific areas of risk and how Jamf products could effectively mitigate them. DARE then presented a fully customised demonstration of all Jamf products, with a strong emphasis on security and compliance. The demo was thoughtfully tailored to prioritise the end-user experience, showcasing the seamless out-of-the-box capabilities offered by Jamf.

Additionally, DARE demonstrated how their proprietary Patch Management system, powered by Zappl, could further enhance the Jamf solution by delivering a comprehensive, automated application management service to ensure compliance. This was seamlessly integrated into a Total Support service package, assuring Exi’s team of ongoing, certified Jamf support from day one.

“We chose to work with Dare because they got our business, they talked to us at our level and nothing was too much trouble, there was an extensive demo and their on-boarding and level of support has been hands on from the beginning. Dare feels like a company that will certainly scale with us and support us every step of the way."

Henry Whicheloe
Head of Enterprise Sales at Exi Life