Deliver Healthcare Anywhere with Apple and Jamf Solutions

Apple and iOS devices are revolutionising private healthcare by streamlining processes and giving patients easy access to pre-configured devices. Telehealth is becoming integral to patient care that gives both patients and clinicians the tools they need to receive and deliver high-quality healthcare.

Ease of use and security is at the forefront when setting up managed devices. Jamf understands that patients and staff will have different levels of ability and each iPad can be deployed with this in mind.

Bedside iPads and Device Management

Jamf is the best-in-class Apple management platform and the ideal product to manage multiple devices in a healthcare setting.

These managed devices allow patients to access critical services, entertainment during a hospital visit, to stay in touch with family, and provide comfort during what is often a difficult time. They can also be used to chat to clinical specialists, and make requests using centralised apps.

Bedside iPads have also been useful for multiple care scenarios in these difficult times, where it has not been possible to visit loved ones due to current restrictions.

Virtual Visits Powered by Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro together with zero touch deployment, enables the automation of Teams and Zoom so that patients can keep in touch with loved ones based outside hospital.

Patients can easily start or accept calls without the need for a login or password. Again, this ensures absolute ease of use for the patient, improves the quality of care and makes the experience for the patients and their families more connected.

iPads for Staff Training and Collaboration

A two-pronged approach is required to ensure patient care and the needs of their care teams. Using pre-configured iPads, healthcare professionals can access patients’ records, interact with them remotely and receive/reply to requests.

Health industry-standard apps can also be used for staff training. By provisioning specific iPads with the apps and resources needed to do their jobs correctly, these materials are in one place to access anytime, anyplace, and compliantly. This is so important in an ever-changing environment, where formal training can be challenging to deliver.

Furthermore, nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants can collaborate on best practices and learn from each other by sharing information securely.

Aftercare at Home

Secure monitoring apps can also be set up to assess the patient’s status at home. The mobility and security of devices is ensured using restrictions and profiles on the iPad enabled by Jamf. Geo Location features can also locate the devices, ensuring patient data is protected, while still providing the services required.

iPads can also feature feedback surveys that are sent to their care team directly and in real time. DARE together with Jamf can provision all types of resources needed to help aid their recovery.

Device Redeployment

Following patient recovery, devices can be wiped of all data securely by engineers or remotely and then redeployed ready for the next patient. This allows for iPads to be ready to go again quickly to cope with the demands of a busy healthcare facility, not using valuable resources to manage the device estate.

Providing your health services with modern Apple technology is also likely to make the right impression to people needing to access private health care. It will show that you understand the value in offering high quality healthcare with cutting edge IT together in this modern world. This ensures the best patient care and experience possible.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help equip your health service to create the best experience for patients, families, and clinicians. This can be achieved with security, compliance and ease of use, which is always at the forefront of DARE services with Jamf.

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