Fleetsmith & Features

I think anyone who actively works with Jamf Pro read with interest about Apple’s acquisition of Fleetsmith back in June 2020. Was this to be the new go to Apple MDM solution? How would it fit in the Apple ecosystem? Was it to be broken down and absorbed into another service? Could it be a replacement for Profile Manager and would that mean Apple could eventually retire the server app? What was the pricing structure to be?


Fleetsmith was launched on apple.com on Friday. We now know the pricing structure. The first 10 devices are free then it’s $99 per device, per year on the pay annually plan, with no apparent tiering based on device count. That is more expensive than the majority of Apple MDM systems including Jamf Pro – the acknowledged market leader and best in class solution.


What about the features though? On acquisition one of the main features in Fleetsmith looks to have been removed, which provided a 3rd party app catalog for application updates. It doesn’t seem to be available at this time and may leave some customers perplexed that they can no longer automatically patch their 3rd party applications.


Working in partnership with Jamf Pro, DARE have developed a 3rd party application solution called DARE Update. Combined with our in-house Akari patch engine, we can deliver application titles directly into Jamf self service. These can then be patched on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your compliance requirements – a particularly powerful tool for those aiming for ISO27001 or Cyber Essentials. We also provide reporting on every application directly on the Jamf Pro dashboard so you can check the compliance while DARE manages all of the backend deployment for you.

Jamf Pro alongside DARE Update gives you that single pane of glass solution that all clients are looking for when it comes to macOS patching. For more information please check out our Update Service or drop us an email at [email protected] to arrange a demo with one of our certified Jamf engineers.

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