Apple Device Management and Security

Smart Apple IT Management: How Jamf Business Plan Translates to Budget Savings

Robert Stewart


As an organisation grows, so does the demands of managing their Apple devices, leading to increased cost and productivity issues. Jamf Business Plan, as we have explored in our previous blog, is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify Apple device management, and provide enhanced security.
We explore further below, on why implementing Jamf Business Plan can result in significant cost savings for the IT Budget.

1. The Gift of Time

One of the biggest advantages of the Jamf Business Plan is its ability to automate routine tasks across the whole Apple estate as it includes all Jamf’s products. This includes zero-touch deployment, manages users access, personalised self store for apps and smart grouping, Jamf’s features significantly reduce the time and effort required for IT administrators. This time efficiency translates into cost savings as IT teams can focus on more strategic initiatives, enhancing the overall productivity the IT team and end users.

2. Reduced Support Costs

With Jamf, organisations can ensure that devices are properly configured and adhere to security policies, reducing the likelihood of issues that require IT support. The Business Plan provides access to tools for remote troubleshooting and issue resolution, minimising the need for lengthy support tickets. Proactive management also leads to fewer user disruptions, improving overall employee satisfaction and device compliance.

3. Enhanced Security

Security breaches can result in substantial financial losses. Business Plan strengthens your organisation’s security posture by providing robust features such as ZTNA access, compliance monitoring, threat prevention and encryption controls. By mitigating the risk of security incidents, organisations can avoid the financial repercussions of data breaches, regulatory fines, and damage to the company reputation and customers.

4. Simplified Software Licensing

Jamf’s software management capabilities help IT Admins optimise their software licensing, preventing overspending on unnecessary licenses and ensuring compliance with fewer vendor agreements. By tracking inventory usage and scalable license management, organisations can avoid penalties for non-compliance and make more informed decisions about software used in the business.

5. Scalability and Cost Predictability

As a business expands and evolves, so does the IT infrastructure. The Jamf Business Plan is scalable, accommodating the growth of your device fleet without sacrificing efficiency. With transparent pricing, 5 devices per user and an annual expected cost, organisations can effectively budget and avoid unexpected expenses. Licenses are also co-termed to ensure costs are always maintained as one annual renewal for those using procurement.


The Jamf Business Plan offers an all encompassing solution for organisations seeking to efficiently manage their Apple devices while achieving a notable cost saving. From time efficiency and reduced support costs, to enhanced security with simplified licensing, the benefits of implementing Jamf extend across various areas of IT management are plain to see.

By investing in the Jamf Business Plan, organisations not only streamline their operations but also position themselves to adapt in an ever-changing technological landscape. As Apple devices continue to play a vital role in business and with their increased adoption in enterprise, leveraging a robust device management solution like Jamf becomes essential for maximising efficiency, driving down long-term costs, and ultimately providing a best in class user experience.