Security Solutions for Mac

With more people working from home than ever, many with unprotected devices, system vulnerabilities have been exposed. Cybercriminals have developed increasingly sophisticated malware attacks to exploit these opportunities.

Despite the security solutions out there, only a small percentage of them focus specifically on the Mac. Jamf Protect is built for the Mac to protect the Mac. The security process is secure and streamlined for the user and IT Admins.

Here are some of the security issues you might face as an Apple user and how Jamf Protect and DARE can help:


MacOS has an inbuilt security framework that defends against unknown malware. The problem comes when a hacker successfully overrides that malware signature and gains entry into the system.

Jamf Protect can quickly identify and stop any signature changes in their tracks. Jamf has curated a threat database of bad signatures that includes Malware, Adware and Grayware. Nothing suspicious can slip through the cracks and the software blocks and removes the threat entirely.

Visibility of Issues

There are several Mac management tools but the blind spot for many is a lack of visibility. This means that you are unable to see daily security issues and check how robust your devices are in defending against attacks.

Jamf Protect runs as a kextless agent, providing full visibility of your Apple architecture. The software ensures that all threats are flagged to you in real time, meaning you will always have the chance to defend and act on any attacks to your devices. You can also specify actions to remediate these issues through Jamf Pro.

Downloads & Patching

Users might accidentally download fake product installs if they appear to come from a reputable source. You are especially vulnerable to this if you have been putting off installing new updates and then a fake prompt appears on screen.

Jamf Protect remediation will display a message to make you aware of the threat or even place devices in quarantine if required.

Jamf Protect comes with other security extras too. The built in MacOS security framework has native security tools that help to detect malware, unauthorised connection of USB drives, screenshots and more. Jamf Protect can optimise your security by focusing on Mac-specific detections.

DARE Update

You can also further help protect the Mac by using an automated patching service. DARE Update provides patching to hundreds to applications, complementing the updates already being pushed through the App store. Updates can be customised to take place automatically to all devices at no inconvenience to end users.

Delivering a high-quality user experience and keeping data secure is always at the forefront of our priorities. Cyber Scotland Week is a great time to review your security framework and take action.

Get in touch to find out what Jamf and DARE can do for you to protect your Apple devices.

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