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DARE’s Patch Management is powered by Zappl, our own App, developed to keep your business up to date and compliant.

The challenges of patching third-party apps

One of the biggest challenges for the Mac admin community has been ensuring their macOS estate has the latest third-party Application patches installed in a timely manner, whilst causing minimal disruption for end users.

Like many clients we have here at DARE, you may find yourself asking the question; How do you go about installing patches for those Apps that are forever in use but need to be closed to safely update?

Designed to work with Jamf Pro, DARE Patch Management provides your organisation with a fully automated service for the deployment of security and application updates without any user downtime. As a key component for ISO certification, the requirement is applications must be patched within 14 days of release.

How does it work?

Fully Customised & Compliance Reporting

DARE Patch Management silently installs updates with no interaction for the most part, but for those Applications such as web browsers or instant messaging Apps that are rarely closed by the user, you can utilise DARE Patch Management to give end users a friendly nudge towards quitting the Apps in question.

Every element of the interface can be customised, from the branding and messages displayed to the behaviour of the update prompts themselves, all through an easy-to-understand graphical user interface that integrates with Jamf Pro. This all protects the user from any disruption to their work.

A monthly compliance report is also provided to outline the device and application versions to assist with compliance reporting.

Patch Management can also be included as part of a DARE Total Support package.

Head of IT Services at Waracle

“DAREs support team is outstanding, and often go above and beyond (especially when my requests are very specific). I can also recommend DAREs Patch Management – its ability to keep macOS apps up to date has solved a major issue for us.”

Why do updates at all?

If left unmanaged, 3rd party applications can become outdated and this can create security risks for your network as well as compliance failures when audited. Current best practice requires Applications are updated within 14 days of an update.

Update Users with devices
Update Apple devices Features
Update Security & Protection

App Catalog

Keeping your Apps updated 

Below is a list of the 500+ Applications currently available in our DARE Patch Management App Catalog.

If you need our team to add an App that is not listed, please reach out to our helpdesk.

For full DARE Update documentation, see our online guide.

The Catalog

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