Put Employees Front and Centre to Make Hybrid Working a Success

According to Gensler’s UK Workplace Survey, 67% of UK staff want a hybrid working model, spending between 1-4 days in the office each week.

Although employers initially feared a dip in productivity during lockdown, 94% have said productivity had stayed the same or improved since flexible working was introduced.

Now there is a lot of talk about the ‘return to work’  but workers have been working remotely continuously throughout – which has challenged our ideas about work being a set place that we have to travel to. With mobile device management, our choice of job locations becomes a lot more flexible.

Over the last year, companies quickly discovered whether their business continuity plans were equipped to deal with this unprecedented level of disruption. Many organisations also realised life would be easier if they had a mobile device management solution in place for all staff.

Mobile Device Management and business continuity

Businesses that had already incorporated mobile device management into their business continuity plan saw the benefits immediately. In partnership with Jamf we look after thousands of Apple devices across many different types of organisations, in various markets with some just recently moving to this way of working.

6 in 10 workers will try to fix their own IT issues before seeking assistance – furthermore, 17% would Google what they should do to resolve the situation. This is both a time consuming and risky behaviour for staff, putting company assets and data at risk albeit unintentionally whereas device management can both pre-empt and solve these problems easily.

A level playing field for your team

Deploying an Apple fleet is a great step forward for your team. When everyone is equipped with the best in class Apple technology, staff have equal access to industry leading software, apps and the improved workflows they need to perform their role to the best of their abilities. Having access to the best technology also increases collaboration among teams and the investment makes staff feel valued.

If your team are moving around different locations, individually or together, they will have all their workflows through secure access at their fingertips while on the road.

Including employees in the decision making process

We previously talked about the advantages of a Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) policy, BYOD and how 77% of employees would be more likely to stay at an organisation that implemented these policies.

This is just one piece of the puzzle however. More companies are now consulting their staff about how they can become more flexible to suit a range of staff needs. Once changes are implemented, it is important for businesses to check in regularly with staff, using a survey for example, to check that the new changes are creating a positive experience. 

Enterprise Device Management creates a safe experience

42% of respondents to a yubico research report admitted they have used their work device for personal reasons over the last year. Therefore it is more important than ever to secure devices and keep data and employees safe online

Jamf Enterprise Device Management is a fantastic solution for staff working at home and in the office. Cybercriminals have taken full advantage of people working from home over the past year – during the first year of attacks the WHO reported a fivefold increase in attacks. Many of these attacks happened through backdoor access, via unpatched and outdated software. Jamf can report and remediate against this.

Together with DARE Update we can update native apps to negate risks like malware, by updating apps within 14 days of a new version. Whether staff are working from home or in the office, we can rollout the latest software, patch updates and the latest OS systems automatically to maintain compliance for cyber essentials.

This gives everyone peace of mind and allows organisations to focus on the business at hand.

Device Management is an investment in future success

While it is great that many businesses have reviewed their business to model to become more flexible or offer a hybrid model, it is important that the right technology is in place to support these changes.

The benefits of hybrid working are here to stay. Offering employees a flexible package and involving them in this aspect of business development will reap long term benefits for forward thinking companies.

How we can help

We will have a chat with you about your business needs to recommend a Jamf solution that is most suitable for you.

All of your Apple devices can be pre-configured to include all of the apps you will need installed and configured with the necessary protocols.

We also offer a remote working audit to check for vulnerabilities and how your system can be improved.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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