Five Remote Working Predictions in 2021

With remote working set to continue for the foreseeable future, we came up with some predictions for the year ahead.

Businesses will improve their technology further

Many businesses were unprepared when the first lockdown came into force.

‘Unprecedented’ became the buzz word of 2020. It was true – none of us had lived through a pandemic before. Businesses worldwide had to act fast to make sure their teams were equipped with the correct devices and set up they needed to do their jobs safely from home.

But this was not straight forward for everyone. Customers with a managed service in place likely found the process easier, scaling their current processes to suit a number of employees in multiple locations.

We think that businesses will now look at how to improve their processes further, which will include providing people with the exact types of technology they need for the work they do.

More organisations will use Managed Services

In partnership with Jamf we look after 2000+ devices for Schuh and access to the iScan app has been vital in allowing customers to browse and pay for purchases during the pandemic.

Mobile device management (MDM) provides a centralised platform and removes any security, connectivity or privacy issues that would ordinarily arise when homeworkers are using their own devices. Many will be asking: why do it all ourselves when a trusted service can be our one stop shop?

Security will become a central concern

We hear about cyber security breaches in the news often – and most of the time we only hear about these stories when large companies are affected.

But businesses big and small are affected by them and it is costly too.

We think 2021 is the year when businesses of all size will start taking security more seriously. Businesses need to think about how a reputed accreditation like Cyber Essentials can boost their security.

It’s not just about protecting your devices and your employees. It is also presenting the right image to potential customers – and letting them know their data is safe with you. We can safeguard your Macs to help you avoid the cost and the stress of a security breach.

Businesses will prioritise mental health friendly workplaces

When the first lockdown arrived, how many of us could have imagined we’d still be working from home a year later?

As businesses eased into the new normal and teams got used to a new way of working many turned their attention towards mental health.

How could businesses support their employees? What changes could made to their working day to make life easier?

Some set up ongoing well being calls, plus the provision of apps and webinars. Others provided mental health days and reviewed the current working environment to ease pressures where possible.

We think this will become increasingly important, with a larger number of organisations implementing mental health strategies into their business model and even using these as a perk to attract future employees.

Artificial intelligence will become the norm at our meetings

Zoom Video Communications has announced that it will introduce a smart gallery feature in June 2021. This means that as a gradual, blended return to the office takes place, people who appear in the same conference room will all appear separate to their remote clients or colleagues.

We think that as humans are natural inventors, we will continue to experiment with our digital environments and incorporate more artificial intelligence into our technology this year and beyond.

What changes do you think we’ll see in 2021? What would you like to see?

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