Apple Device Management and Security

Securing Apple with Jamf Business Plan: Maximise the ROI & Time Benefits for IT

Michael Thomson


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organisations find themselves caught in a delicate balance between embracing technological advancements while trying to safeguard people and the organisation against an escalating array of security threats. 

Learn more below as we highlight our top ten features that enables IT teams to deliver more for less using the Jamf Business Plan.

Despite the growing focus on security, many organisations remain hesitant to invest substantially in IT security. This reluctance can be attributed to a variety of factors, including budgetary constraints, a lack of perceived immediate threat, or a limited understanding of the potential consequences of a security breach. As a result, organisations inadvertently expose themselves to significant risks that could compromise sensitive data, damage reputations, and incur substantial financial losses.

  1. A single Jamf Business Plan license covers a user for up to 5 devices. This includes macOS, iOS and iPadOS, so you can be confident that all of your users devices that access company resources, can be managed and secured by the organisation.

  2. Jamf Pro is a market leading device management solution that prides itself on zero day support. You can be confident that any changes that Apple make to their operating systems, will be reflected within Jamf on release. No more holding your users on an old secure OS, while the infrastructure catches up.

  3. Industry leading zero touch deployment workflows that allow you to ship a device to your users, wherever they are in the world. The device can be powered on and Jamf will configure all of the security baselines and applications required before the user reaches the desktop.

  4. macOS logins are secured with an IdP solution like Okta, Microsoft Entra ID and Google. This enables your users to simply login to the device with their company email address, password and MFA method. Any password changes are then kept in sync with your Identity Provider, which not only improves security, but it also reduces help desk tickets for password resets or lockouts.

  5. Gain insights to your device compliance with an intuitive dashboard for CIS benchmarks. Tailor the compliance levels you require for your organisation and have them enforced and reported by Jamf. This will provide an excellent head start if you decide to gain certifications such as Cyber Essentials or ISO.

  1. Provide full visibility on website activity with easy to manage content filtering policies. This allows you to simply block categories such as gambling or adult material on your macOS and iOS devices. In addition you can also apply policies to limit data usage should you have to adhere to any data caps within the organisation.

  2. Purpose built endpoint protection that provides full visibility of MRT, Gatekeeper and XProtect threats, alongside fully configurable device controls to block or limit USB drives from your devices. All threats can be immediately remediated by Jamf to ensure your users are safe at all times.

  3. You are provided access to Jamf Security Cloud, which enables you to configure Threat Response policies that will identify threats such as malware, phishing attack and data leaks. If a device is infected it will then be refused access to corporate resources such as your file sharing or finance solutions.

  4. Fully integrated Zero Touch Network Access (ZTNA) that ensures devices only access resources after successful user authentication and verification via a connected IDP solution. This elevates security access to sensitive data by requiring trust from the user, on top of the device, to gain access.

  5. Seamless integration to Microsoft Entra ID Device Compliance should you require your Apple devices to adhere to organisation wide Conditional Access Polices. This would validate your devices are running the latest OS, FileVault is Enabled, and your security tools are installed before permitting access 


At DARE, we understand it can be both confusing and expensive to cover all aspects of IT security, especially within the Apple ecosystem. You have to constantly review the next new product that promises to improve your security, enter multiple procurement cycles and have a dedicated team to manage all of the products internally. This is why our team recommend the Jamf Business Plan to our clients. This comprehensive solution streamlines both management and security under a single, easy to manage license, offering a more efficient and cost-effective approach.