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Critical Harmony

In all organisations, the security of technology, data, and applications that drive business operations is critical. However, finding the delicate harmony between user-friendliness and security is a challenge for most. This balance often requires advanced tools, a deep understanding of technical details, and a continuous process of refinement and cost.

With DARE, we have carefully selected a handful of partners to offer a fully inclusive experience for security and compliance. This not only provides little to no impact on user experience, but it also offers that familiar Jamf experience to your IT and security teams. In addition, the expertise at DARE will always be on hand to help you on that next step to compliance, whatever level you want to take your business to.

Head of Operations at Public UK

“Dare has supported us in maintaining our security systems. Their knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness to our needs have been critical in enabling our continued information and cyber security. They’ve been brilliant to work with!”

What do we start with?

Industry compliance plays a pivotal role in ensuring the management and security of Apple devices has been taken seriously in your organisation. It’s not only best practice to adhere to a governing body for compliance, but it’s more common for your potential clients to ask you if it’s in place before working with you. For anyone looking to get started, we recommend obtaining Cyber Essentials, before moving onto Cyber Essentials Plus or even ISO27001.

How can we help?

Jamf Protect has the out-of-the-box ability to report on CIS Benchmarks. This set of Apple-focused benchmarks are the industry’s recommended configuration of macOS and iOS devices within business. Within minutes of installing the Jamf Protect Agent, all benchmarks, alongside any security risks are reported to an easy-to-use dashboard. Adhering to CIS benchmarks puts you in an excellent position to obtain a compliance certification.

How can Jamf Protect you?

Jamf Protect is a purpose-built endpoint security platform for macOS and iOS. Jamf Protect allows organisations to maintain compliance, defend against the modern threat landscape and identify and respond to security incidents with minimal impact to the end-user experience. With Jamf Protect, organisations can improve their security posture to keep users, devices and data secure. Some additional features include internet content filtering, phishing protection and removable storage controls to further harden your device configuration.

What is Trusted Access?

Trusted Access refers to a concept in security where an entity, such as a user or device, is granted authorised and secure access to a system, application, or resource based on established levels of trust. This trust is typically established through a combination of authentication methods, identity verification, and adherence to predefined security policies.

With Jamf Connect and its ZTNA technology, we can posture check a device to make sure it had the appropriate security profile applied. This may be to ensure the drive is encrypted, or it is running the latest version of your security software before being able to access critical business data. Access is then granted via an Identity Provider like OKTA or Microsoft Entra ID to confirm the user also has the correct privileges to access the resource. With ZTNA a micro-tunnel is created between the device and the resource and the security on that connection is monitored in realtime. Should your user accidentally click a phishing link or download malware, the micro tunnel will be immediately closed, your security team notified, and your business data protected.

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