DARE Migrate is a workflow that has been designed by our onboarding team to facilitate a smooth transition from your current MDM provider to Jamf.


With continuous security improvements to macOS, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to remove the current MDM profile before enrolling into a new solution, like Jamf Pro.

With a combination of enrolment methods used alongside different OS versions in your fleet, you can very quickly end up with several manual workflows to achieve these steps before migration.



Our aim for DARE Migrate was to put a simple one click button onto the desktop of users that would bridge the device with two MDM systems and then silently automate the removal of the current MDM and the installation of Jamf Pro.

With macOS, Apple only permits a device to be enrolled into one MDM provider at a time. This creates several logistical challenges to manage the process, but more importantly a large security risk if devices are put into an unmanaged state during the migration.


Our onboarding experts at DARE will configure Jamf Pro to match the setup of your current MDM. We then add the Jamf Pro framework silently to all devices and configure a self-service portal with a single click option to migrate.


Once the user starts the migration process our service will interrogate the API of your current MDM provider and securely remove the device from management. 


The final step will enrol the device fully into Jamf Pro and complete any configuration options as requested. 


DARE Migrate is fully integrated with Jamf Connect so we can also tie in the migration with a move to a supported Identify Provider like Azure, Google or Okta for macOS single-sign-on if required.


With any large migration you need to assess internal resource time and user disruption when planning in a project. While this migration is in progress, your user will be experiencing disruption and downtime which IT manually carry out the migration.

To achieve a migration manually you would be required to remote onto every device and perform a series to tasks to remove the old MDM and enrol into Jamf Pro.

With DARE Migrate we automate the whole process and provide a seamless experience for your IT team and users while saving internal resource costs.

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