DARE’s managed services for deploying security and application updates for users in a fully controlled and monitored way.


DARE Update provides your organisation with a fully automated service for the deployment of security and application updates to your users automatically and without any user downtime.

Even with the power of Jamf Pro, the continuous task of patching macOS applications has always being labour intensive. If left unmanaged various 3rd party applications can become outdated and this can create security risks for your network as well as compliance failures when audited.

At DARE we offer a subscription service where we enrol all of your macOS devices into a fully managed software update server to give you peace of mind that all applications are fully patched as and when required automatically and regularly.



With increasing numbers of organisations turning to ISO for their compliance certification, a key requirement is application patching within 14 days of release.

This is near impossible to be done manually, as it almost creates an internal position for a support member to monitor, download and install the latest update on all endpoints. 

The DARE Update service takes the strain off internal resource and lets us take care of your compliance requirements.


Once configured your macOS clients check in with the DARE Update Service every hour and will immediately install any critical updates if required. This is fully customisable on a per customer basis and all updates can be held and deployed at a defined time if required.

The service fully integrates with Jamf Pro and will ensure that the latest version of applications are deployed from Self Service, preventing any out-of-date packages being installed and ensuring all users are on the same version.


The applications to be included in the automation of the DARE Update service would be agreed during onboarding.

A monthly compliance report would then be generated to outline the device and application versions.

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