Meet The Team

Our team have years of experience with the successful deployment of Apple technology at enterprise level.

Customer Experience

At DARE we have never lost that personal touch with customer engagement. Our clients receive first class support from our team. Once you start working with DARE and understand our technical expertise with Apple, you won’t want to trust anyone else.

Baillie Gifford
Arrival Electric Motors




“Great service – highly recommended. Guided me through the process from start to finish taking care of every little detail ensuring the system was set up exactly to the specifications we needed. Nothing was too much trouble and was always a pleasure speaking to anyone in the team.”


“What an amazing experience we had using Dare’s services. Highly skilled professionals and customer-focused services. Couldn’t ask for more!”


“We worked with DARE to set up our Jamf instance and during the Jump Start to tailor the system to our Apple estate. Their knowledge of the domain, attention to customer needs and responsiveness to customer enquiries set them apart from their competition.”

Whitmore High School

“We have used HoH for years now and it’s a rock solid piece of software backed by a team who know the software well. We only use a small portion of a really extensive, well written piece and it has served the school well for over 10 years. I would certainly recommend it.”

Our Vision

Our vision is simple.

As your Apple Security Experts we want to use our expertise to help your organisation be successful with Apple devices. 

We understand that could be a handful of iOS devices needing app deployment or it may be securing thousands of macOS devices to comply with a security audit.

Our vision is to make any level of conversation around Apple as easy as possible for our clients.

Michael Thomson

Technical Director

Michael is a co-founder and Technical Director here at DARE.

Back in 2006 he joined an Apple Service Provider the North-East of England where he started as an Apple technician handling the assessment and repair of Apple hardware and software issues prior to the introduction of Apple Stores.

Gaining certification as an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician and an Apple Certified Support Professional then opened the door to work closely with the Apple Stores on the Apple Consultancy Network. This role allowed Michael to expand his passion for Apple by working closely with clients looking to adopt Apple as their primary work platform.

With the need to adopt more enterprise tools for Apple Device Management and Security, Michael worked through the Jamf certification program and obtained a Jamf Integrator status in 2016 where he went on to onboard 100’s of clients around Europe with his knowledge around Apple and Jamf. Now a technical leader at DARE, he guides an exceptional team of systems engineers to provide the highest level of consultancy and support to their clients around the world.

If Michael wasn’t in IT, he’s always said he would be a chef. Maybe that’s a passion for always being in a high pressure environment where he thrives, but there isn’t a week that goes by where he hasn’t imported the best flour, tomatoes or spices from around to globe to keep experimenting with his recipes (not munki). Michael’s other passions are football as a long suffering Newcastle United fan, or gaming with either new or retro consoles to which he has over 10 consoles in his home office.

Anthony McCarty

Senior Systems Engineer

Anthony is a Senior Systems Engineer at DARE who has 15 years experience working in the IT industry under his belt. After initially starting out in web development, he accidentally stumbled across his passion for all things Apple and Jamf many years later whilst working in the IT department for a fashion company. Anthony was tasked with leading a project to find the best way of managing the company’s Apple estate, which after exploring many avenues ended with a rollout of Jamf Pro. He was then responsible for managing Jamf Pro and the company’s macOS estate. Putting together scripted workflows were reminiscent of the coding he enjoyed so much all those years ago as an aspiring web developer, which lead Anthony to look to expand his new found skills.

In 2019, he jumped at an opportunity that arose to join DARE as a Systems Engineer. In the space of a year he had worked his way through Jamf’s training program and obtained Jamf Integrator status which would see him onboard 100s of clients on behalf of Jamf. He now works on delivering bespoke advanced workflows for high profile clients from all around the globe who are looking to onboard and expand on their experience as Jamf customers. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys socialising with friends and can be found keeping his local pub landlords in business. He is a keen follower of sports and is mad about all things Newcastle United (for his sins) where he was a season ticket holder for almost 10 years. He also loves snooker, and can often be found in his local snooker club playing (very badly) with friends.

Anthony is a lifelong music fanatic and has played guitar since the age of 9. You can find him in music venues across the UK and Europe following his favourite bands, mainly of the heavy rock and metal variety.

Robert Stewart

Commercial Manager

Started with DARE back in 2020 as part of the Commercial team. In previous lives, Rob has worked for Apple in Business for 10 years and in Public Sector IT sales. Started his career working in retail selling everything from books to beans! Technology world is where the passion is and loves nothing more than learning about the latest Apple technology and helping others use it.

Outside of DARE, Rob is a huge Queen fan, loves dogs and is partial to a red wine or gin. He has travelled to a few places around the world, and has paddled in the Pacific, Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans, a bit warmer than the North Sea on Scotland’s west coast where he is from.

He also has a very expensive fascination with BMW.

Jennifer Collins

Client Relationship Consultant

I am the Client Relationship Consultant at Dare Technology. I have only been with Dare Technology for a short while but during that time I have achieved my Jamf 100 certification, which as a non-technical person I am pretty proud of! I feel exceptionally lucky as I love the people I work with and I love my job.

Away from the Dare I am mother to four lovely (most of the time) children, my Springer Spaniel & psychotic cat (she is so cute though you over look having your skin clawed off 🤣 ). On my weekends are usually spent getting dragged off to every park in the neighbourhood and hours slogging over the washing machine and Ironing board 🤣 although I won’t change it for the world.

Joe Grafton

Systems Engineer

I started my career as a IT apprentice in the Education sector working within an Apple and Microsoft estate. Starting as a Trainee IT technician I moved up to IT Engineer and now Systems Engineer. After completing my apprenticeship I continued my career in the the Education sector whilst focusing on my passion for Apple by using various MDM solutions from Airwatch to Apple profile manager and Deploy Studio to then upgrading to JAMF and pursuing JAMF certifications as well as gaining Apple and Google certifications.

Since joining Dare, I have been focusing mainly on the Technical support Desk providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd line JAMF support to our customers whilst also working on internal projects as well as managing automatic patches with our internal patching system Dare update.

In my free time enjoy playing sports and going to the gym. I am a former player and treasurer for a a well establish Division 1 Mens Amateur Basketball team. After playing 5 seasons with the club and becoming a certified basketball referee for the development leagues I have since joined a well established Korfball club in Edinburgh playing with Scottish first team players and competing in International tournaments.

Dan Ellis

Systems Engineer

Dan has worked with Apple devices for over 5 years, with 3 of those spent as a Technology and Merchandising Pro in Apple Retail maintaining demo/employee devices. Over time his passion for Apple Device Management has grown, and he is delighted to be a part of DARE Technology and showcase and support the power of Apple devices in a wide variety of fields and use cases.

He has played the drums on and off for around 10 years – mainly indie rock or math rock. Currently, I’m developing my jazz drumming skills – I love jazz music and wish I could go back in time to the 50’s to witness a jazz night in a New York or Chicago club. I am also passionate about Formula 1, and try to watch every weekend.

Andy Metcalfe

Managing Director

Andy is one of the founders and the Managing Director at DARE and someone with 30 years of IT experience across multiple verticals and roles.

Cutting his teeth at one of the UK’s leading Apple Centre’s as an engineer he realised using Apple was the way forward way before iMac, iPod and iPhones even existed (yes he’s that old!)!

He started an MSP business in 2008 which grew substantially and subsequently dealt with some of the biggest organisations across the UK as well as in Europe and the USA.

DARE was created specifically to work with APPLE users, Using JAMF and our own tools to provide enterprise level device deployment, management, security and support options to clients.

Throughout his career in IT, it has always about the customer for Andy, listening to their requirements, giving the best advice and delivering world class support and services. 

Outside of work Andy loves spending time with his family including multiple British Bulldogs and Cats, motorsport, travelling as often as possible, getting on the bike, messing about with the latest gadgets and eating out. He still loves the Stone Roses and Stanley Kubrick Movies as well as listening to Alan Partridge Audiobooks.

Jamal Issouquaein

Systems Engineer

Jamal’s passion for everything Apple started with his first iPod touch… too many years ago to admit! After visiting the Apple store he knew he had to be a part of the team as soon as he could. While studying Computer Science at University Jamal joined Aberdeen’s Union Square team, taking a keen interest in the business’ customers experience, and working closely with the in-store business team. Following his time in Apple Jamal worked in the Oil & Gas, Education, and Finance industries, always being the go to Jamf guy. Through these experiences Jamal gained expertise of device management in enterprise environments. Watching first hand how positive an impact Macs had on end users’ productivity Jamal decided to focus his career on Apple and Jamf specifically.

Joining DARE Jamal specialised in Onboarding our new clients, making sure their Jamf is setup to match their needs, and deliver the greatest possible experience. Working on numerous process improvements, and always obsessing over the client experience.

Away from his desk Jamal enjoys getting out into the Scottish Highlands hiking, cars, and cooking up a new veggie storm in the kitchen.

Charlie Craig

Systems Engineer

Charlie has worked with apple devices for over 7 years and has a passion for technology. He enjoys finding solutions for people with their apple devices having worked most recently as a genius at Apple.

Aside from working at DARE, Charlie enjoys his hobby of DJ’ing and running club events across Scotland. He also enjoys cycling and taking his dog Maverick ( no top gun reference 🤣) on long walks.

James O’Brien

Systems Engineer

Hey, I am James. I have been within the IT industry for over a year now and I am looking further my career with DARE expanding my Apple knowledge.

In my spare time I love getting out and about with my border terrier and exploring new places. Two of my main passions are horseback riding and playing video games. There is nothing great to play in the gaming world at the moment, change my mind!

Chris Brannighan

Customer Success Engineer

Have been working for DARE since day 1 but have been working with Apple Devices and Jamf for over 6 years starting out as an apprentice at 18. I started as a systems engineer and have recently been promoted to Customer Success Engineer within DARE. In this Role I make sure all our key customers are happy with DARE and all customers who come through our doors receive the best DARE/Jamf experience possible.

Outside of work, fitness is my life! I dedicate most of my spare time to staying as strong and as healthy as possible. However… I do love a takeaway from time to time.