Work anywhere with Apple, Dare & Jamf | Webinar 18th of August

We are hosting a remote/hybrid working webinar alongside our partner Jamf on August 18th at 14:00 (BST) and we would love for you all to come along.

What will be discussed at the webinar?
Whilst some workers may return to the office, others may remain doing business from home. Whether you have been supporting remote workers for years or have been forced to do now due to the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, there is no better time to understand the factors that drive successful remote teams.

What will be covered?
We will look at customer priorities in this new environment, our changing relationship with work and how Jamf and DARE can help your remote workforce succeed with Apple. 

Join Dare & Jamf to find out how you can manage your Apple fleet anywhere with zero-touch deployment, remote onboarding, preserving business continuity and productivity, all safely and securely.

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