You’ve bought the Apple devices, now what?


You have made the decision and brought Apple into the business. You have listened to your team who all wanted amazing devices, with features and an App Store that are the best in class.

You have made a wise investment as studies show Apple in Enterprise is more cost effective than you first thought. Reading all about IBM’s study into Mac ownership turned you around. The true cost of ownership and the savings on hidden costs really made sense to you. This can also lead to better staff productivity, makes your workplace happier and more connected.

What Now?

But what now? All these new devices. All these new connected users. All this great technology in the office and out in the field. These are changed days, we live in a different working world. These devices are now sitting in homes, on kitchen tables, and in gardens. Cats are sitting on them appearing on video calls and they are being used on coffee shop public wifi’s even more than before. “You’re on mute” is the new language.

Protect your fleet

So how do you protect the fleet, secure company data and keep all the users happy at the same time? How do you reset a password when the device is miles away from the office? Cyber essentials? What’s that? And why does the IT manager keep talking about compliance?

Mobile device management and protection is the answer. A fully integrated secure and compliant system viewed through a single pane of glass for the admin. Password and logins? – Jamf Connect. Company apps to deploy? – Self service. Limit wi-fi connections and locate the devices? – Jamf Pro. Protection of data and compliance?- Jamf Protect. Together with Dare’s Update and Support services you have the complete solution. It makes it easy to deploy, manage and protect Apple in your extended and remote workspaces.


Now about the cats. Sorry, you will have to take care of them yourself.

Please check out what we do or email [email protected] to arrange a demo with one of our certified Jamf engineers.

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