Apple Device Management and Security


Is Patch Management like a bug in your beer?

Zappl is an automated patch management service designed with your users in mind. Zappl keeps your devices up to date with minimal disruption to your users.

Zappl offers seamless compatibility with leading MDM systems, delivering an automated application deployment and update solution to your users. This revolutionary approach dramatically streamlines administrative overhead, freeing you from the resource-intensive task of patch management. The era of painstakingly constructing packages, coaxing users to update, and striving to align with compliance benchmarks has been fully automated via Zappl.

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Zappl’s Key Features

Over 500+ Applications Supported

Our team are constantly adding new applications to our catalog.

User Focused Experience

Updates are installed while the user is logged in and working.

Update Deferrals

Admins can define the grace period that users are able to defer their updates for.

Do Not Disturb

Configure Zappl to silently skip if a particular app like Zoom is in use or the Camera is active.

Custom Version Control

If you need to keep an application on a particular version you can exclude it from auto-updates.

MDM Integration

You can integrate into leading MDM systems like Jamf Self Service to also streamline software deployment.

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App Catalog

Keeping your Apps updated 

Below is a list of the 500+ Applications currently available in our DARE Patch Management App Catalog.

If you need our team to add an App that is not listed, please reach out to our helpdesk.

For full DARE Update documentation, see our online guide.

The Catalog

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