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DARE’s support service stands out as an exemplary model of efficiency, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

With a strong focus on meeting clients’ needs, our dedicated team of professionals ensures swift and reliable assistance at every step. From initial inquiries to complex problem-solving, our help desk team exhibit a deep understanding of our products and services, enabling them to provide timely and tailored solutions.

We take pride in maintaining a responsive and friendly approach, fostering strong relationships with our clients. Whether it’s technical troubleshooting, guidance, or general inquiries, DARE’s support service consistently delivers excellence, leaving customers feeling assured and valued.

Our support options include but are not limited to:

Head of Enterprise Sales at Exi-Life

“We chose Dare because they got our business, they talked to us at our level, and nothing was too much trouble. Their support has been hands-on from the beginning. Dare feels like a company that will certainly scale with us and support us every step of the way.”

DARE Essential

DARE Essential Support is our entry level service that works alongside your in-house support team. With prompt and reliable assistance, this support package ensures you have the expertise on hand should you require that extra bit of help with a tricky problem.

DARE Total

DARE Total Support is focused on clients who do not have the internal resource or experience to manage an enterprise Jamf environment. DARE Total clients are fully managed by the support team at DARE, where all issues, workflows and updates are monitored and remediated on your behalf.


DARE Consultancy-as-a-Service (CaaS) is designed for clients who are comfortable managing their daily support requirements, but may have a requirement to bring in a friendly consultant to work on a dedicated project. This may be to design a complicated upgrade workflow or even to provide some holiday cover when your team needs some downtime.

DARE Timebank

DARE Timebank is a flexible option for clients who require a mixture of ah-hoc support or project work throughout the year. This option also comes with an 8-hr SLA, so even though you are not in a support contact, you still receive a swift and first class response from our team. Our Timebank is invaluable for addressing tasks that you might not have the time to tackle yourselves, such as performing an operating system upgrade or implementing a new security application.

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